Medical practitioners who are considering an app-based handheld ultrasound system are spoiled for choice. Whether you’re using an Apple or Android device, you can choose from a range of options to suit your budget, specialty and image quality requirements.

The choice narrows considerably when you want a pocket ultrasound system without a cord. We’ve put together a list of six reasons why Clarius customers are happy with their choice.

1. No worries about changing or disappearing ports on smart devices.

Clarius works with an app and connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to most iOS and Android devices. You never have to worry about the potential consequences of changing your smart device. With Clarius, you can be first in line when Apple releases its first connector-free phone!

2. Easy infection control with no wires to clean.
Handheld ultrasound systems gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic because they’re small and easy to disinfect. With no cords to worry about, Clarius can be completely encased in a sterile bag to avoid contamination. If resources are scarce, Clarius can also be encased in any airtight plastic bag, even a Ziploc. Just remember to put gel in the bag before sealing!

3. A clear view for procedures with free movement.
Getting around wires while performing delicate procedures isn’t an issue with Clarius. Although Clarius is larger than a typical transducer, our customers report that the lack of a cord makes it easier to maneuver.

4. Powered with a rechargeable, removable battery.

Clarius doesn’t draw power from your smart device. It uses a rechargeable battery that provides about an hour of scan time and takes 90 minutes to recharge. The batteries are removable so you can use additional batteries for back up power, completely eliminating down time.

5. Share ultrasound scanning instantly across multiple devices.

A wire can only connect to one device. For teaching and infection control situations, ultrasound exams using your Clarius scanner can be cast to numerous smart devices on a single network in real-time. Thanks to 5 GHz Wi-Fi technology, the signal from a Clarius scanner is strong enough to pass through most barriers.

6. Carry your ultrasound scanner anywhere.
Many handheld ultrasound systems are small enough to fit in a coat pocket. But not having to deal with wires, makes the Clarius system even more compact and easy to carry from patient to patient. Plus, you won’t have issues related to damaged cords.