UPs protect and power the equipment that runs essential business systems, industrial and medical processes, and communications networks. Everyone should be aware of the risk that these vital pieces of equipment possess along with other power infrastructure equipment.

Safety is an embedded value at TechnoRad. Be assured that while TechnoRad employees are working at a customer facility or site, they will be following TechnoRad and industry best practices for protecting equipment and maintaining a safe and hazard-free environment.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Kstar line interactive UPS system-UA Family (400-3000VA)

UB (6-10kVA)

UB (1-3kVA)

UBR (6-10kVA)

UBR (1-3kVA)

UC (10-20kVA)

UCR (6-10kVA)

Hot-selling Industrial UPS-UIB Family (1-20kVA)

Power Grid adaptability Industrial UPS-UIC Family(6-30kVA)

High reliablility Industrial UPS-UIC P Family (6-40kVA)

High power factor UPS-UID Family (10-80kVA)

High efficiency-UID Family (100-800kVA)

IP31 UPS:EP-IND-ZY Family (10-20kVA)

Modular UPS-HPM Family (6-200kVA)

Modular UPS-HPM Family (25-1560kVA)

UPS monitoring software-RUPS 2000

UPS monitoring software-UPSilon 2000